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Kiss My A**

October 19, 2009

New cute low rise Jeans from Cynful, and new awesome skin from Curio! And no, a man didnt give me the black eye pfft…I got elbowed in the eye by a crazy lady at Curio trying to get to the new skins first! :p

Anyways after i beat up the bitch who elbowed me and gave her a shiner too (and some scratch marks), i whent to hide in an urban city sim called Manhattan Island.   


Kiss my ass

  • Skin: Acorn (light) Battle Royale – Shiner 1 – Curio
  • Hair: *Barberyumyum* 18 (black) – **DP**YUMYUM
  • Jeans:  Orange Bottom (Heart) – [Cynful]
  • Top: (Part of) Slim Outfit (black) – SK Designs
  • Tattoo: Skeletal Hands (faded) – Aitui
  • Shoes: Fall v1.7 – Kalnins
  • Belt:  Biker Chain belt – (kiss my ass) – Acid & Mala

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