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November 2, 2010

I must really have missed blogging because i have never blogged so much in a week before. After a long break from sl there are just so much new stuff i’m dying to wear (New for me anyways :p) and i’m also less bored with the good old stuff. Tattoo Layer ftw! <3


  • Skin: 1984 Vanilla – Mynerva
  • Hair: Kerry v1 – 99Hair
  • Hairbase (Tattoo Layer): Etched Hair Base Monumentum 004 – Aitui
  • Tattoo: Rosary Neck – HUZ
  • Shirt: OpenLongShirt Leather – AOHARU
  • Top: minimini Top Black Pearls – DeeTaleZ
  • Belt: LuckyDeath Belt – Hermony
  • FingerTape: Luck inc 
  • Jeans: Ripped Waistband Jeans – Malibu (sorry i cant find the shop anymore maybe its dead :( Creator: YamatoUchiha Yokosuka)
  • Piercing: “New Generation” – Skream <3
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