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Nurse The Dark.

December 24, 2011

“And here I know seduction breeds,
from wanton hearts that would seduce,
and grows and spreads its vines and leaves,
embracing those who might have moved.
-Bright Eyes.


So this is a beautiful mesh dress from the kind and lovely Salid Sewell, creator of KAS Designs. I am truly in love with it. It’s a corset dress that can transform and change into so many other designs. You can see them here. And I have chosen this look to post. So here we go:

  • Dress is Corset System Dress by KAS Designs. Now I am wearing the long skirt attachment, with the Free Top attachment. (You can also purchase it through the marketplace on the link I posted previously.)
  • Boots are  Ballet Boots by KAS Designs.
  • Pasties are by Roots. (Cannot find a landmark)
  • Hair is Turbina by JetDoll.
  • Piercings are Sanctus Piercings by Twee.
  • Nails are Black Claws by La Malvada Mujer.
  • Tongue is Twisted Tongue (Upright) by -RC-.
  • Gloves are Pirate Gloves Straight by Illusions.
  • Collar is Collar I. (I’m sure I have the link in one of my old posts, but I cannot find it anymore!)
  • Earrings are Gemma by Rozoregalia.
  • Stockings are Fishnet Wide by Erratic.
  • Pose is as always, like all my poses are by Everglow. (Great poses always. Thank you!)
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