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What Else Is There.

August 16, 2012

“I am the storm I am the wonder,
And the flashlights nightmares.”


So since none of my editing programs decided to work, my dedicated wife Bellatrix has decided to edit my photos for me for this post and I’m SO glad she did! They are lovely! Here were go:

  • Skin is OlegDouValentine  (*CreemTon*J4) by *JeSyLiLO*.
  • Lipstick is Homicidal Lipstick (Blood) by Pekka.
  • Cross on chest is part of Provocation Piercing set by .HOD. 
  • Shoulder Birds came with the “Birdies and Feathers” tattoo by the Plastik.
  • Claws are Black Claws by La Malvada Mujer.
  • Ears are Seelie ears by Illusions. (Mesh & beautiful!)
  • Head wings are Icarus wings by Flightless.
  • Tank is Cult Tube by into dust.
  • Nosebleed is More than Allergies Nosebleed by Miss Shippe’s Studio.
  • Hair is Mango by =DeLa*=(Mesh)
  • Bloody lips are Bloody Mouth Face Tattoo by REPULSE.
  • Knee tattoo is Bloody knee by– SU!-.
  • Feet are Natural Mesh feet by Slink. (Mesh)
  • Cross on chest tattoo is by me.
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