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June 11, 2013

It took me a while to buy this tattoo because it annoyed me its so expencive, but i caved in and now i am wearing it alot so i guess its money well spent. I know i have blogged this tankdress before but i <3 it so here it is in white :p

Btw this is what happens when Dahlia is not around. I go pastel cutesy. So blame her!

Bellatrix <3


  • Skin: Clover (Sunkissed) – Essences
  • Hair: Tawny (Colours05) – Truth   Mesh
  • Dress: Basic Tank – Color.Me.H.O.F   Mesh
  • Horn/Ears: Sweet Dreams Unicorn Set (Sterling) – +Half-Deer+  at The Arcade Gacha Event   Mesh
  • Tattoo: Haila Tattoo Full Dot – Plastik
  • Piercing 1: Dimple Piercing – Puncture
  • Piercing 2: Alice – Hebenon Vial   Mesh
  • Piercing 3: N-Swirl – Cobrahive
  • Makeup 1: Makeups v13, v12 11 – +Nuuna+
  • Makeup 2: Neon Liner (Eyeliner Only) – Niam.Niam
  • Teeth: OpenMouth PRO – PXL
  • Wounded Knees: Wounded Knees and Bloody Knees – !Su
  • Cuffs: Fearless ankle and wrist cuffs (Pearl) – BOOM
  • Eyes: Shattered (Silver) – {D.A}   Mesh
  • Feet: Exotix – Slink   Mesh
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