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Hi there!

October 3, 2013

I am not really back but i miss blogging. The few times i have been online to say hi to friends i have picked up a few things, like this amazing dress! I am a bit rusty at making pictures and i forgot how much making slurls suck :p

Bellatrix <3

Hi there

Hi there2

  • Skin: Cleo (Jamaica) – Glam Affair
  • Hair: Zelda (Milk) – Lamb   Mesh
  • Dress: Silk Romper – Color.Me.H.O.F   Mesh
  • Tattoo: Haila Tattoo Full Dot – Plastik
  • Makeup: v12 (6) – Nuuna
  • Piercing 1: Curved Septum – Ataxia   Mesh
  • Piercing 2: Harvester Piercing – r.M
  • Piercing 3: Dimple Piercing – Puncture
  • Hands: Slink   Mesh
  • Feet: Slink   Mesh
  • Leg Harness: Leather-Femme – .Shi   Mesh
  • Teeth: Teeth & Tongue Piercing – DeeTaleZ
  • Ears: Sirens Ears (Plain) – ++PE++
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