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October 31, 2013

Ruin RP is an amazing RP sim full of mesh buildings and details. It was empty when i was there which is a shame because its one of the best looking sims i have seen in sl. But then again there was no lag or noobs i had to derender when i took the picture :p

Bellatrix <3


Pastel Liner FF

  • Skin: Princess Blue – Essences
  • Hair: Steph – *Alice Project*   Mesh
  • Collar: Neo Classicist Collar (White/Obsidan Studs) – epoque   Mesh
  • Shirt: Rachel Ruffle Sweater – Tee*fy   Mesh
  • Skirt: London Mini V2 – Paper.Doll   Mesh
  • Socks: Skeem Socks (Bows) – Chary
  • Boots: Aviators (Snow) – Flite   Mesh
  • Makeup 1: Pastel Liner (Teal 2) – Chary   New!
  • Makeup 2: Candy Stain (Bubble Gum) – Chary
  • Makeup 3: Freckled Blush – Chary
  • Piercing 1: Harvester Piercing – r.M
  • Piercing 2: Septum Ring (Uneaven) Matte Pack – Aitui   Mesh
  • Piercing 3: Dimpled Piercing (Spiked) – HOD
  • Ears: Webbed Ears – Lovely Alien
  • Lower Body: Phat Azz /w more inner thighs – **   Mesh
  • Panties: LoveLace Panty Noir – Milk
  • Eyes: Phantom Eyes (Snow) – Dead Apples
  • Location: Moloka
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